Rihanna Diet and Exercise Routine – How The Singer Stay’s So Fit

Rihanna Diet and Workout

Want to know Rihanna’s Diet and Exercise Routine? Find out how the singer stay’s so fit. Rihanna eats to keep her physique looking awesome?

First of all she makes sure she eats a proper balance between protein and cabs. Why? Because she wants to make sure she refuels her body and gives herself enough energy.

You get that from protein and from carbs, but she also eats lots of fruits and vegetables. This is so she gets lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Another thing that she does is she eats five healthy meals a day.

Remember can this be something consistent that people do all the time? Absolutely!

Finally it’s about balance so if she needs to lose a little weight she decreases a little calorie intake.

What I want you guys to know is that you too can do it. And in this article I am going to demonstrate some of the exercises that Rihanna is known to do back stage before her concerts.

rihanna beach bodyHere are 3 Exercises that Rihanna does to help keep her endurance up, her core strength and abs looking nice and defined.

She wants to make sure she refuels her body to give herself enough energy before working out. That’s why she eats the proper balance between protein and carbs.

Medicine Ball Push Up

With this exercise you will be doing a normal push up using a medicine ball. You will be working your core, triceps muscles and chest.

medicine ball pushup


V Situps

Lay flat on your back, head up slightly off the floor, then raise your back and legs off the floor without touching the floor. This exercise will work your core and back, abs, hips and glutes.



Medicine Ball Rolling Push Up

Do a push up on the medicine ball, each time rotating form one hand to the next with each pushup. This exercise will take a bit of practice but if your finding it difficult you can always get on your knees and do it.



medicine ball rolling pushup

How man sets and repetitions? Do as many as you can but 10 repetitions per exercise is sufficient. Do about 4-5 sets in total. If you do these workouts 4-5 times in a row you will soon feel the benefits and results from them.

rihanna diet and exercise-routineRihanna’s Cardio Workout

Rihann also loves to slim down so she often likes doing cardio 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week when she’s not travelling.  She also does cardio to prevent her legs from bulking up.

Rihanna’s favorite cardio exercises are cycling, stationary bike, jumping jacks and jogging.

Rihanna’s Healthy Diet

To complement her workouts Rihanna has a strict healthy diet, she says that if she exercises every day, she will lose much more weight but if she diets she gets faster results. The singer eats just five meals a day.

So there you have it. You have probably never tried any of these exercises before, but you gotta try something new or try adding them to your current workout program.

Changing your exercise routine is always good for the body.

If your not getting the results from your current exercise you simply have to change what your doing. Hope this helps.

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Rihanna Diet and Exercise Routine – How The Singer Stay’s So Fit
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